Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo- Reviews And Buying Guide In 2020

Buying Best wireless keyboard and mouse combo can greatly enhance your browsing, working or gaming experience. It can save you the frustrations of being confined to a desktop computer and change your perception and experience the next time you sit down to work or play in your computer.


Our review, we look at some of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo you can get in the market. Note that our list below is subject to change as new keyboard and mouse models come into existence.

Best Overall: Logitech Wireless Performance Combo MX800

If you are looking for a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Logitech Performance Combo MX800 should be your choice. It comes with a combination of desired features. Performs on almost every type of surfaces.


Product Name Range Rating Buy
Logitech Wireless Performance Combo MX800
35 ft.
Logitech MK 750
33 ft.
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000
30 ft.
Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050
30 ft.
Logitech wave combo MK 550
31 ft.
Dell KM 17
33 ft.
Logitech MK 345
33 ft.
IOGear long range 2.4 GHz GKM 552R
33 ft.
Rii RKM 709
32 ft.


This premium Logitech Keyboard and Mouse Combo comes with a desirable combination of best features. For instance, you can use this keyboard in the darkness thanks to its smart backlit feature. It is also possible to adjust the keyboards light requirements to fit your visual requirements at night. The keys are in curved to suit long hours typing and quiet performance.

The ergonomic mouse of the Logitech MX800 complements the keyboard by performing well on all types of surfaces meaning, you won’t need to replace the mouse pad in case it gets misplaced. Its screen wheel and click mode is further touch sensitive making scrolling precise.

Connecting your keyboard and mouse can be quite easy as the Logitech MX800 comes with a small unifying receiver. This receiver can even be left in the USB port without any fear of it becoming faulty.For recharging purposes Logitech manufacturers have included a USB cable that allows you to charge your keyboard batteries while using the keyboard and mouse.


– Has an all surface mouse

– Has a highly sensitive and responsive mouse

– Key backlight feature

– The keystrokes are quiet Has program shortcut keys


– Costly Supports Windows

– Operating Systems only

– The keyboards palm rest is small

2. Logitech MK 750– Runner Up

This Logitech keyboard does not operate on batteries, but is solar powered. Once charged the keyboard can go for more than two months without needing a recharge. You therefore wouldn’t need to rush to buy new batteries or charging cable as other keyboard and mouse users do. Its keyboard is ultra slim and only 1/3 inch in thickness. For a faster and natural typing experience the keyboards keys have a concave design make.

On the other hand, theLogitech MK 750mouse is sculptured in a way to enhance the user experience. This added to its hyperfast scrolling ability and battery warranty of three years ensures good consistent use for its users.


– No need to charge keyboard as keyboard uses sunlight or indoor lighting to charge

– It is slick and stylish in profile to give a professional look

– Long battery life

– Fast scrolling mouse

– Made from quality material


– Pricey

– Only suited for windows 7, 8, 10 and advanced operating systems

– Not an all surface mouse

– It keyboard and mouse have a relatively shiny surface that easily attracts dirt.

This is a stylish combo with an ergonomic design.When you buy this keyboard, it comes with a palm rest that is pillow textured to ease your typing experience. It has a big mouse and improved grip to make up a good scrolling experience.

You can also enjoy the control of the mouse courtesy of its blue track technology. One interesting feature about the mouse is that the mouse wheel can tilt both vertically and horizontally making scrolling a unique experience.

To prevent information your information from being carried over the internet and while in operation, the Microsoft Desktop 2000 keyboard has encrypted its strokes using advanced encryption technology.


– Comfortable pillow wrist rest Side grip enhanced mouse Blue track technology for solid mouse performance

– Supports most modern versions of windows, OS and Mac

– Has Advanced encryption standard technology to help protect a user from losing his or her data

– Affordable


– Not easy to replace the USB receiver

– Connectivity issues may crop up if not properly set

– Bulky and heavy mouse

If you want a stylish and ergonomic looking keyboard that is comfortable and with extra features then this might just be it.Its ergonomic curved look encourages the natural arm and wrist to fall in the right place for a comfortable typing experience.

Another look at the keyboard and you will notice that its N and B buttons are slightly elevated above all other keys in the keyboard. This may seem strange at first, but once you get typing with this keyboard is when you will realize that those two large key are responsible for your fast typing and minima lerrors experience. Some keys also have larger surface areas than others making it easier to hit the more difficult keys when typing.

Furthermore, its layout is made in such a way as to incorporate shortcut key commands which you will find printed on various keys to make your life easy. For instance you can open your email, browse and play music by pressing the designated button on the keyboard.The mouse has laser sensor and works well on marble, carpet, laminate but not glass.


– The 8.6 -1.8 inch wrist rest is sloped well enough to keep the hands comfortable when typing.

– Operates on AAA alkaline batteries that have a one year three months warranty

– Ambidextrous keyboard design to make typing comfortable and easy

– Additional mouse click features on the right and left side of the mouse

– Three year warranty


– Bulky, thus not good for travelling with

– The wireless mouse cannot operate on glass

– The extra click buttons on the right and left side of the mouse don’t work on Mac OS

5. Logitech wireless wave MK 550– Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The first notable thing about this keyboard is its ergonomic wave design that supports the different finger lengths for less stress when typing. It further comes with an integrated palm rest suitable for long hour gaming and typing.

To prevent hand and wrist strain, the Logitech wireless MK 550 keyboard height is adjustable with different modes to choose from.

The mouse has laser sensors and rubber grip to ensure comfort and accurate performance. Setting up the Logitech MK 550 is simple thanks to the plug receiver.


– Keyboard battery life of 3 years, while mouse is 2 years

– Has a 128 bit encryption to secure your information in case of keyboard typo error

– 18 programmable hotkeys for shortcut add and speed navigation

– Fast wireless mouse connection


– Large keyboard design

– Loud keystrokes

– Mouse scroll not hyper fast

– Not an all surface mouse.

This is a dell keyboard and mouse with multimedia keys and hotkeys at your discretion. Its wireless connectivity is good enough to ensure that you don’t have to deal with encounter any bug problems.

In case you have large typing fingers, then the Dell Km 17 keyboard is wide enough while maintaining its compactness to incorporate your needs. Once you start using the keyboard you will note that the keystrokes are not noisy. Its keyboard and mouse batteries have a one year battery life.

That said its mouse has a wireless connectivity distance of 10 metre from the receiver making its connectivity reliable for optimal performance.


– It is easy to set up

– AAA battery operated

– Quiet keyboard strokes

– Full size keyboard

– Wireless connectivity is reliable

– Good price verses quality


– The mouse is not rubberized thus a bit screechy when operating on a wood surface

– Has no cap lock indicator on the keyboard

The Logitech MK 345 full-sized wireless keyboard combines size and easy design to give a comfortable user experience. Additional mute, play and volume media buttons make functions like access and editing music much easier.

The keyboard design is also made in a way such that it is not affected by coffee or tea spills meaning less worry when working. The keystrokes are relatively quiet thus comfortable for typing.

When you look at the Logitech MK 345 mouse, it doesn’t look ambidextrous. But its contour shape makes its good enough for accurate data tracking. Besides having a stable connection that can stretch to 33feet long, the mouse has an additional battery life of one and a half years. 


– Easy to set up

– Spill resistant

– Keyboard is fully sized

– Descent size arm and wrist palm rest

– Long battery life


– The mouse is small

– Mouse not compatible with left hand users

– Only compatible with XP and Google Chrome

Though not refering in terms of features and design, this keyboard and mouse combo gets its stellar position for being the most portable wireless combo ever. Its keys have a slight sashay design to keep your fingers on the right keys when typing. This added to the silicon switches on the key caps ensure that there is less click –clack noise when typing.

The keyboard is further spill resistant meaning any kind of liquid accidentally poured on it does will not alter its performance. Because of its 2.4 GHz technology, you can operate the keyboard and mouse from a 33ft distance.

The IOGear long range mouse has 5 buttons which allows you to adjust to your preferred sensitivity. The mouse is further responsive to wood, glass, denim, marble but not carpet surfaces. Behind the wireless mouse scroll you will find that the mouse has buttons to help you adequately adjusting the speed of the cursor.


– Slim and portable to suit travel needs

– Soft keys for less noise during typing

– Spill resistant keyboard

– Mouse can operate on majority surfaces except carpet

– Keyboard volume control with hotkeys


– Mouse can operate on majority surfaces except carpet

– Keyboard volume control with hotkey

The Rii RKM 709 is designed with a good number of unique features and capabilities for entertainment enthusiasts. The key board is 11.6 by 7 .5 inches and mouse 4.4 by 2.5 inches making it a portable option for use.

Being a media centred keyboard mouse combo, it is worth to note that it doesn’t have any major challenges working with different operating systems like: XP, apple, you name it.

The unique additional function of the Rii RKM 709 Is that it blends well with media devices and software’s like: Raspberry Pi, Kodi, XBMX, including smart televisions.


– Supports multimedia PC’S

– Compact

– USB receiver is not inserted in computer, but on the back cover of the keyboard making it unique

– Off and on keyboard switch to prevent from being misused by children

– Fair price


– Doesn’t come with keyboard batteries

– Not for general use

– No key backlight function

It you are looking for a wireless keyboard mouse combo under 20 dollars then you might want to check on this model. The VicTsing has a wireless signal of 49.2 and doesn’t drop signals. Its keyboard keys are water drop like in design for a silent and smooth typing experience. The Keyboards battery life is 15 months.

The VicTsing Wireless mouse is compact thus easy to carry around. You can detect low power on your mouse by looking at the power indicator that’s on the upper right hand of the indicator. The battery life of its mouse is 2 years.


– Low priced

– Has 30 day money back guarantee and one and half year replacement warranty

– Quiet Keyboard and Mouse performance

– Needs no additional software to set up

– Comes with nano receiver for connecting keyboard and mouse


– No leg extension for keyboard

– Quality of make is not high

– No pulse rest

– Comes with free batteries which are not long lasting

Buying Guide for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Consider the following when making your purchase decision:

1. Usability

First, it’s important to identify why you are buying and what you want to do with the Keyboard and Mouse. Remember! The right choice will give you the right experience.

1. Type of Mouse

Aside from the normal computer mice, the best wireless mice come in various shapes, designs and sizes for your comfort. Some come with rubber or texture grip and design that can allow you to operate with ease and less discomfort.Why you should check on the mouse design is that there are many contemporary designs that favour right handed user or left handed ones. Check also on the mouse size. You don’t want a mouse that will negatively affect your gaming or user experience.

2. Connectivity

As you do your shopping you will note that most keyboards and mouse operate via Bluetooth, infrared or Radio frequency and connect to the computer via a USB receiver.

Your wireless mouse and keyboard combo should start working immediately the USB receiver is connected to the computer. Before buying, ensure your USB receiver is compatible with your operating systems.

3. Battery life

AA batteries breathe life into most Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. This doesn’t mean they are the only ones that exist, as there are solar power and rechargeable battery options to explore in the market.

Depending on the frequency of mouse or keyboard use, the batteries you end up buying should last you between eight months to three years.

4. Keyboard Design and Shape

You can choose your keyboard based on your needs.Simple and slim designed keyboards can be considered if you value tidiness in your workspace. For hardcore gamers and type setters you can consider buying a keyboard with less or extra features as long as they enhance your productivity

5. Range

It’s important to ask how far your wireless mouse and keyboard can operate from the CPU or screen as this may prove crucial during presentations. There are also wireless keyboards and mice that operate beyond obstruction like objects, walls and so on. Others can operate from beyond 30 feet.  


Ignoring the wired keyboard and mouse combo for the wireless one can be a good option if you are tired of being confined to a fixed position on your standard computer. Many people have also chosen the wireless combo as a solution to their back or comfort problems.

That said here are our top picks of wireless mouse and keyboard combo that will suit your preferences:

1. Logitech Wireless Performance Combo MX800 – is the first choice if you are looking for an all rounded adjustable keyboard and mouse combo.

2. Logitech MK 750 Combo – is the first choice for solar powered keyboard mouse combo, but second choice for general use.

3. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000- not good for gaming because of the mouse scroll, but excellent at crating shortcut keys and for general use.

4. Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050–for fast typesetter sand suited for people with larger hands.

5. Logitech Wireless wave combo MK 550 – for gaming and general computer users that are looking for a long lasting, reasonably priced, uniquely designed keyboard mouse combo.

6. Dell KM 17– for those that are ardent fans of dell computers.

7. Logitech MK 35 Wireless Combo – best for right handed users

8. IOGear long range 2.4 GHz GKM 552 – is the most portable combo ever, hence suitable for travelling.

9. Rii RKM 709 Combo– best low priced wireless keyboard mouse combo that supports most operating systems.

10. VicTsing Wireless Combo– for people who are not so high on computer use and looking for a cheap effective wireless keyboard mouse combo