10 Best Portable Workbenches In 2020 – Buyer’s Reviews & Guide

Best Portable Workbenches, On the hunt for the best portable workbench on the market? We’ll get right to it.

After spending multiple hours testing and analyzing over 20 different portable workbenches, the clear overall winner for our best portable workbenches for 2020 was the WORX Pegasus Work Table and Sawhorse. We were already well aware of the popularity of this workbench among DIYers and contractors alike, but finally getting to use it up close quickly showed why it’s the best choice — and the price was even more agreeable.

Detailed testing and analysis showed that this workbench provided the maximum weight load capability, a small profile when folded up, and all the essential functions and features one needs from a professional-level workbench.

10 Best Overall Portable Workbenches: WORX Pegasus Work Table and Sawhorse

If you are looking for a table that is both sturdy & multifunctional, the WORX Pegasus should be your choice. From holding heavy weights to performing functions of a worktable & sawhorse both, it’s the best choice for your money! 

Top 10 Portable Workbenches In 2020

Name Workload Capacity
WORX Pegasus 300 lbs Buy Now
Black & Decker WM1000 550 lbs Buy Now
Black & Decker WM225 450 lbs Buy Now
Performance Tool W54025 200 lbs Buy Now
Keter Folding Compact Workbench 1000 lbs Buy Now
Kreg KWS1000 350 lbs Buy Now
Rockwell RK9003 Jawhorse 600 lbs Buy Now
WORX WX066 Sidekick 300 lbs Buy Now
Xtra Hand 2-in-1 500 lbs Buy Now
GoPlus Folding Workbench 220 lbs Buy Now

Our #1 Recommendation: Best Overall

The WORX Pegasus Work Table and Sawhorse is a joy to use in so many ways. It does all you ask it to in a seamless way, and the quality of materials is evident from the second you set it up. It’s truly the ultimate in portable workbenches.

One set up, the work surface itself measures 31”x 25”, or 725 sq. in., 32” height, which is very sufficient for both large and small projects, and for holding larger workpieces with ease when needed.

The Pegasus is crafted from heavy-duty steel and aluminum for the legs and frame, with durable, high-impact plastic for the working surface.

The same plastic is used for the various components, making them just as durable.

The unit is full of features, such as aluminum bar clamp rails, holders on the sides for screws, pencils, and drill bits, and of course the built-in storage for the 2 supplied bar clamps and clamp dogs included. You can also attach a power strip on the bottom for even more convenience.

The Pegasus accommodates several different uses, and quickly converts between a sawhorse and worktable, with the weight limit being 1,000 pounds and 300 pounds, respectively.

It’s hard to find anything wrong here. Simply put, the WORX Pegasus Work Table and Sawhorse offer the most for the money, and could easily retail for anywhere from $50 to $75 more than its list price. This workbench should be at the top of your list.

Our #2 Recommendation

Simple, quick to set up, and with plenty of built-in features that are just as suited for professional job sites as they are weekend DIY projects, the Black & Decker WM1000 is our second favorite choice for portable workbenches. 

The WM1000 can handle up to 550 pounds, and has an expansive 670 x 450mm bamboo surface that can accomodate large workpieces, regardless of their shape and profile.  

Whether you’re restaining an old wooden chair, or need something to secure multiple pieces of wood while sawing, the WM1000 is up for the task.

The workbench features extra heavy-duty steel frame construction that gives it a very noticable amount of stability in any environment. The bamboo work surface is tougher than you may initially think, and the heavy-duty plastic knobs and adjusters are adequate for frequent use.

The WM1000 can be set up in about 3 seconds, simply by unscrewing the single knob on the side, which lets the stand unfold and quickly be set up on a flat surface. A retightening of the knob keeps the stand secure, and ready for work.

The surface includes four adjustable swivel pegs that can be aimed in any direction for when you need to secure irregularly shaped workpiece. A hand crank system provides fast and even tension on all side for maximum hold. Wood pieces can be secured by placing inside the table’s indent. 

Overall, the WM1000 has only a few minor complaints, but none that distract us from placing it among the top two portable workbenches on the market. The price tag may be a little high for some, but know that you are getting superior portability, versatility, durability, and ease of use, all in a compact package.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Quick set up
  • Compact
  • Adjustable pegs


  • Little expensive
  • Low weight limit for the price
  • Plastic components

Best Budget Portable Workbenches: Winner

Need a capable workbench that won’t break the bank? The Black & Decker WM225 is our favorite pick for portable workbenches on a budget. This is an ideal workbench to keep in your garage or shed for random projects around the house, but it can hold its own on the jobsite too.

The WM225 has a 24-inch-by-9-11/16-inch work surface size that’s adjustable in several ways, and can hold up to 450 pounds of weight on its own. 

This size and capacity makes it perfect for most any home project you can throw at it.

Like every Black & Decker workbench, the WM225 has heavy-duty steel frame construction, along with a durable bamboo work surface. Extra-hard plastic is used for other components, such as the hand cranks and swivel pegs. 

The WM225 stores flat when not in use, and can quickly be set up by placing it on the ground, and then lifting the work surface up until the stand locks into place. You have two heights to choose from as well. Need to raise it up? Simply unfold the extra legs on the bottom of the base and lock them into place. 

Swivel pegs are used on the surface to accommodates all shapes and sizes of pieces, and an adjustable jaw helps you work with various sizes of materials. Hand cranks allow for perfect pressure and tensioning. 

The Black & Decker WM225 may not be the biggest or heaviest workbench around, but it still offers plenty for the average user, and for a very economical price. Most homeowners and do-it-yourselfers will be more than pleased with the WM225, and happy to not go over $60 to purchase it.


  • Small size
  • Swivel pegs
  • Dual height options


  • Light base

Best Budget Portable Workbench: Runner Up

Looking for a solid home workbench that you can keep off to the side and out of sight when not in use, while spending the least amount of money as possible? The Performance Tool W54025 Portable Workbench is likely the best choice for you.

This small, yet capable workbench offers a decent-sized work surface, with an overall limit of 200 pounds.  

This is not suitable for larger projects and workpieces, but for the average user who just needs a portable workbench for basic projects from time to time, this is all you’ll need.

The W54025 is made from durable metal on the base that’s been painted yellow, giving it not only an attractive color, but also preventing rust. The work surface is constructed from a lightweight, heavy-duty kind of particle board. 

The tabletop is pre-printed with a grid, ruler and protractor, saving you the time and hassle of having to measure everything yourself. The bottom of the base also has slots to hold a variety of hand tools when in use, so you have everything within arm’s reach. 

The W54025 gives you the option of using four separate clamps for holding workpieces, or opening the two sides of the table to hold flat pieces of wood and other materials. Hand cranks are used to create tension. 

The Performance Tool W54025 may not be ideal for a commercial worksite, but for the average user who needs a reliable and affordable workbench to keep on hand for simple projects, this is the logical purchase in every way.


  • Affordable price
  • Measurements on the tabletop
  • Small size


  • Low weight limit
  • Cheaper materials

More Great Buys

While we certainly have our favorites for portable workbenches, depending on who you talk to, they may very well have the Keter Folding Compact Workbench as their top choice — and it’d be hard to disagree.

Affordable, innovative, and full of features, this is a pretty amazing workbench anyone can appreciate.

This workbench is a pretty sizable unit, with a 33.46 ” x 21.65 ” work surface, that’s also the dimensions when the entire thing has been folded down for transport/storage. The table size gives you plenty of room for both big and small projects.

One rather unique characteristic of this workbench is its construction. Rather than the typical mostly metal build, the Keter workbench uses metal only for the legs, while the rest of the unit is made from heavy-duty, highly-durable plastic. A strategic design with plenty of backup support enables the Keter workbench to support such high weight loads.

This is also one of the most compact workbenches you’ll come across, despite its size. It compacts down to a large, flat briefcase style, which can be opened and set up in a matter of seconds by squeezing the handle triggers on each side, which causes the body and legs to unfasten.

The unit also includes a space to place your toolbox, and even includes two separate clamps you can place within the tabletop for more options with securing your workpieces. 

It’s hard to find any real flaws with the Keter workbench, and when considering the price is well under $100, this is a professional-evel workbench that’s accessible to most buyers. You can’t go wrong here.


  • Innovative design
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy setup


  • Legs aren’t adjustable

The Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center is very true to its name. This heavy-duty portable workbench offers astounding durability and stability, along with one of the biggest work surfaces you can find. And with virtually unlimited upgradability, it’s something you’ll have around for years.

The KWS1000 has an average size in terms of the overall space it takes up, which includes being folded flat, or when fully set up.

The work surface is a very robust 27.5″ x 31.5″, so not the far off from a conventional workbench in a shop. It can handle loads of up to 350 pounds.

The body of the KWS1000 is made from high-quality steel legs, with rubber contact points providing better traction when used on concrete, or any other hard surface. The table top is made from rock solid plastic that may as well be metal. 

The KWS1000 can be set up in under 30 seconds, and is fully stable and secure once locked in. It can function as a workbench, sawhorse, assembly table, or as a clamping station. The design of the table allows for 360-degree working access from any angle. 

The unit even comes with a bench clamp, and four bench dogs, and has a hole setup on the table that can accomodate a number of Kreg accessories, and also lots of accessories from other manufacturers. 

The Kreg KWS1000 may be pricey, but its performance and expanded capabilities are well worth it, especially for the frequent user or professional.


  • Large surface
  • Lots of accessories
  • Very expandable


  • Pricey
  • Bit heavy

The Rockwell RK9003 Jawhorse Portable Support Station does things a bit differently, and this approach definitely works in its favor, making it one of the most unique and well-designed portable workbenches you can buy.

The RK9003 has a smaller footprint (literally) than other workbenches, mainly because of its compact, 3 leg design.

This doesn’t come with a table, but for those who’d like to use one, the RK9003 opens up to 181⁄2 ×24″. It can handle loads up to 600 pounds.

The entire unit is made from heavy-duty steel, which is part of the reason it has such a high weight limit, and offers over one full ton of clamping pressure. Rubber pads are included for the jaws, so as to not harm the workpiece. 

The tripod design gives the RK9003 better stability on uneven surfaces, making it very useful in demanding job sites. The clamping pressure can be both set and released using the included foot pedal, leaving your hands free to hod the workpiece. When folded up, the RK9003 can be carried, or pulled with a handle thanks to the built-in rear casters. 

I could probably go on about this portable workstation, but I’ll stop there. The Rockwell RK9003 is redefining how a portable workbench should look and function, and that’s a great thing for anyone who buys it. This unit is highly recommended.


  • Tripod legs
  • Solid steel construction
  • Hands-free clamp control


  • Heavy
  • Little pricey

Another WORX brand portable workbench on the list, and another great example of a unit that lives up to its name. The WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Work Table does things differently, but the result is one of the most versatile and easy to use products in its class. 

The WX066 uses a completely square design, with a 24” x 24” table top. The leg setup below the table uses the same dimensions, giving the WX066 a more compact feel that an easily fit into tight spaces when needed. It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

The table top is made from heavy-duty plastic that can withstand a lot of abuse without wavering, along with the metal legs that are surprisingly sturdy and strong. The legs can be detached from the table and collapsed, and then fit into the table after it’s been folded down to half its size, into a sort of briefcase with handle. 

Setting up the WX066 simply requires unfolding the legs, and then attaching each corner to the table. Clamp dogs are included with the unit, which you can fit into a number of predetermined spots for reinforcing workpieces and other objects. The WX066 can easily attach to other WX066 tables as well. 

While the WORX Wx066 is not your average workbench, it can definitely function as one, and a variety of other things as well. It has endless uses, a modular design, and a very affordable price. This makes it an excellent addition to any shop or garage. 


  • Compact
  • Large surface
  • Versatile


  • No clamps
  • Lower weight limit

The Xtra Hand 2-in-1 Portable Workbench is one of the more handy units you can buy, as it combines an adequate amount of stability and support capability with some very smart and appreciated convenience features. And the best part? You won’t pay much for it.

This workbench has a 51.02in x 23.42in working surface, with legs that take up just a little more in diameter on the ground.

The surface itself is very sizable, and allows for lots of extra room for a variety of tasks, making it versatile for many different projects types and home uses. The 500 pound weight capacity is impressive too.

The unit uses heavy-duty steel for the legs, albeit a little thinner that more expensive models that are similar. The work surface is very strong MDF board, and there are rubber ends on each of the legs for better traction. You can flip the surface over to reveal a rubber surface that’s ideal for holding items. 

Some great features are also included, such as the built-in tool tray on the side that keeps your tools handy and accessible. The unit also has a built-in surge protector with three outlets, helping you avoid tangled cords, or the need for long extension cords. A ruler and protractor are also found on the top. 

The Xtra Hand 2-in-1 Portable Workbench isn’t the most durable or heavy-duty bench you’ll use, but its versatility, features, and low price make it an excellent choice for a weekend hobbyist or homeowner that needs a workbench that can truly do it all.


  • Dual-sided
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Folds flat


  • Leg are a little flimsy with very heavy loads
  • Weighs almost 50 pounds

Looking for a lightweight and compact workbench that’s perfect for smaller tasks around the house, and costs under $30? The GoPlus Folding Workbench may be exactly what you need. 

The has a small stature, but still provides a sizable work surface, thanks to two 22.2″x3.9″x0.7″ MDF pieces on each side that also act as jaws, or can simply be joined together to create a cohesive work surface.

When joined together, the workbench can support up to 200 pounds of weight, which should be enough for most small tasks.

The legs on the GoPlus are made from steel, with the aforementioned surface made from MDF. Rubber ends can be found on the bottom of each steel leg for better traction. When fully assembled, the entire unit weighs only 9 pounds, making it one of the lightest workbenches you can buy. 

The surface features several holes to use with the included set of pegs, and tension is created by using the handcranks on one side. The MDF jaws resist warping, and provide a very powerful grip that was a little surprising given the size and weight of the unit. 

While this isn’t the most heavy-duty workbench around, the ability to quickly fold up, the standarde jaw features, an adequate surface size, and overall ease of use all combine to make this a logical purchase for the novice do-it-yourselfer that needs a basic workbench to have on hand for small projects and household uses.


  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Surprisingly powerful tension


  • Low weight limit
  • Very basic features

What’s a Workbench, and Why Should I Have a Portable One?

You don’t have to be an expert woodworker or contractor to appreciate all the uses a workbench can offer.

At its core, a workbench can function as your temporary work surface, something to hold your tools, a clamp to hold your workpiece, or as something to mount your power tools too, such as a drill or saw.

Most DIYers and contractors will have a workbench in their garage or shed, but having a portable workbench gives you all the functionality of a conventional workbench, only on the go, and with the ability to gold it up and store it away easily in between uses.

For the average user, a portable workbench is all they’ll need on hand for the occasional home project that pops up from time to time, such as painting a wall, staining a cabinet, potting flowers, sawing fence posts, and so on.

Aspects to Be Mindful of When Buying a Portable Workbench​


The overall size of your portable workbench will determine much of its capabilities, load capacity, and overall footprint when not in use.

If you only plan on doing small projects, and the occasional need for clamping, you can get by with something smaller like the Black & Decker WM225, which has a 24-inch-by-9-11/16-inch surface. If you anticipate using large workpieces, or simply want a larger surface to work with, the WORX Pegasus offers a standard large size of 31”x 25”.

Larger surfaces have more versatility, but will also take up more space when folded up, generally.

Weight Limit

Weight limits can be very important, depending on what you plan on using the portable workbench for the most. Weight limits can range between 200 pounds, to a full 1,000 pounds. More often than not, the max weight refers to the sawhorse capacity, not when the unit is set up as a workbench. 


A portable workbench is something you want to be as heavy-duty as possible. Steel is the ideal material for the frame and legs, while bamboo or hard plastic is preferred for the working surface, although MDF is adequate too. There are many workbench plans available online. With some research you can find the best idea.


This is what separates most products from one another.

Aside from being a table and workhorse, additional features can include:

  • Built-in clamps
  • Clamp dogs (to hold items in position on the table)
  • Rulers/protractor on the surface
  • Hand cranks for tension
  • Rubber stops on the legs
  • Clamp covers
  • Swiveling pegs
  • Power outlets
  • Casters for rolling
  • Carrying handle
  • Tool storage

Set Up

With a portable workbench, the easier the setup, the better. Some are as easy as pushing a trigger and watching as the unit unfolds from itself, while others may require a few minutes of assembly. While this is the most fickle out of all the portable workbench, it can still be rather important to some buyers reviews.