10 Best Mouthguards for Sports Athletes In 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Mouthguards have more than a few uses these days. From teeth-grinding preventatives to athletic mouthguards meant to protect against impact, mouthguards and mouthpieces are relied upon by millions each day, both young and old. 

Best Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding

Dental Care Labs Night Guard

If you’re someone suffering from the effects of teeth grinding while you sleep, DentalCare Labs Teeth Grinding will put an end to your problems, and do so comfortably. It made from high-quality material, can be molded to a custom fit, and even be used as a whitening tray.

Best Kids Football Mouthgaurd​

Oral Mart Kids Football Mouthguard

The Oral Mart Kids Mouthguard is an exceptional athletics mouthguard that avoids the bulky, uncomfortable feel. It’s thin, light, and allows for the user to talk and drink without any problems when in the mouth, all while providing adequate protection.

There is now more variance among mouthguard products than ever, and seemingly infinite choices available for those in need. We’ve taken the time to test out a number of mouthguards across a wide range of types and uses, pinpointing the best ones for each use. 

Below, you’ll find our favorite mouthguards on the market for teeth grinding (bruxism,) TMJ, combat sports, and more. 

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary of our two top choices:

Our #1 Recommendation Best Mouthguards

Grinding your teeth at night, commonly known as bruxism, is a common issue for many, and not something you can just tell yourself not to do while sleeping. Fortunately, there are mouth guards designed to help prevent this, even when you are in a deep sleep and have no idea you’re even doing it. 

The Dental Care Labs Night Guard is the perfect solution to teeth grinding and bruxism, as it’s comfortable, customizable, and safe. 

The mouthguard has a simple clear design, and has an overall profile that is intended to fit a wide range of mouth sizes shapes. The guard is thick enough to be comfortable and provide a protective layer between your teeth, but not so big as or be overwhelming. Granted there is an adjustment period with any mouthguard, but this one isn’t any worse than other products out there.


  • BPA-Free - The material of the Dental Care Labs Night Guard is completely BPA-free and safe, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in your mouth for long periods of time.
  • Multiple uses - This guard is obviously intended as a nighttime mouthguard, but it can also be used as a bleaching tray, or even for light contact sports if desired.
  • Moldable - The Dental Care Labs Night Guard comes with simple instructions on how to mold the guard to your teeth for a custom fit.
  • 4-pack - These guards come in packs of four, and two different sizes, so you’re getting more value for the money.


The Dental Care Labs Night Guard is the best mouthguard for bruxism and offers the most for the money, but more importantly, it’s comfortable enough to use every night, and provides a custom fit for maximum effectiveness. The ability to use it as a bleaching tray is a nice bonus, as well. If you’re grinding your teeth at night, make this your first purchase.

Our #2 Recommendation

These Mouth Guards have a similar design and feel as our top pick, but fall just a bit short overall. All mouths are different though, so some may actually prefer this one instead.


  • Dual-layer design - The Oral Mart Sport Guards use two layers of material, ensuring more durability on the outside, and more comfort on the inside.
  • Maximum Protection- This set of mouthguards uses a familiar and time-tested design that give you maximum protection for flag football, karate, lacrosse, hockey, football, field hockey and other contact sports.
  • BPA-free - Every mouthguard these days should be free of harmful chemicals. This set is completely BPA-free.
  • Multiple sizes and uses - Like our top pick, the Dental Duty Professional Dental Guards come in two different sizes (Adult & Junior), and in a 4-pack, so you get more with each order.


  • A little pricey - This set of mouthguards has a price point that may be a little high for some buyers.


Despite being a little more expensive, the Oral Mart Guards are a worthy choice for anyone looking to prevent teeth grinding at night and you’re into heavy contact sport games.

Our #3 Recommendation

Sports mouthguards need to be both comfortable and protective, and that’s exactly what the SISU Aero series of mouthguards offers. This is the lightest and thinnest of the company’s mouthguard products, making it favorite among athletes all over the world. 

The SISU Aero is made to be effective without being bulky. The mouthguard uses a combination of smart engineering and superior materials to create a breathable mouthguard that can be used without having a major effect on talking or drinking fluids when in use.


  • Slim & light - This mouthguard is only 1.6mm in thickness, making it extremely light and easy to fit in your mouth without feeling overly bulky or in the way.
  • Distributed impact - The Aero uses SISU’s Diffusix Technology, which distributes impact force throughout the mouthguard, resulting in a safer and more effective from of dental protection.
  • Multiple Colors - This mouthguard comes in a ton of different colors, making it easy to match to your color of choice, or even uniform color scheme.


  • Light Impact Only - While the thin profile of the guard is an advantage in terms of comfort, the reduction in thickness makes it more suitable or lighter contact sports.


In terms of comfort and fit, the SISU Aero Mouthguard is the best for general sports use. The ability to use it without obstructing communication and drinking, along with the numerous color choices help to make it an easy choice for both youth and adults looking for a versatile and reliable mouthguard.

Best MMA Mouthguard

The Venom Challenger is easily one of the most popular mixed martial arts mouthpieces on the market, and it’s easy to see why.

MMA mouthguards require a certain amount of protection and fit in order to withstand the rigors and dangers that come along with intensive combat sports. 

The Venom Challenger excels in the amount of protection it offers, while simultaneously ensuring optimal breathing and overall comfort during sparring and fighting.


  • Superior frame design - The Challenger utilizes Venom’s Nexfit Gel Frame system, allowing for a larger degree of adjustment and added comfort.
  • Easy breathing - a vented slot-style opening is used in the front of the mouthguard, which ensures better breathing during use. Verdict
  • Dense frame - The Challenger is made using a High Density Rubber Frame that provides a lot of added shock protection, especially on the top half.


  • Mediocre Durability - This mouthguard can eventually encounter some problems with durability, especially after extended periods of use. While this is an issue, it generally doesn’t occur until months of heavy use. Fortunately, the low price makes it easy to replace.


MMA mouthguards need to be dense and comfortable, something that is very hard to pull off. The Venom Challenger offers exceptional teeth protection thanks to its strategic design and better materials, but not at the expense of comfort and breathability. This is the ideal MMA mouthguard, bottom line.

Best Budget MMA Mouthguard

Redline Sportswear’s MMA mouthguard gives buyers a very affordable option when looking for a cheaper form of teeth protection, but without compromising quality. The mouthguard’s innovative design compliments solid materials that are designed to take a beating, while properly cushioning the mouth without restricting breathing.

The design of this mouthguard also makes it versatile enough for other sports if desired, and can also serve as a lower cost alternative to similar MMA mouthguards that are two to three times the price.


  • Extra protection - The mouthguard uses two separate layers of material, with extra protection added to key impact points. This reduces shock from impact, and also distributes impact force evenly.
  • BPA, latex and pvc-free - No harmful chemicals here. The Redline Sportswear mouthguard is completely safe to use, as it avoids BPA, latex, and pvc materials.
  • Case & Carabiner - A carrying case is included with the mouthguard, along with a carabiner so you can clip it to your gym bag or backpack for easy access.


  • Difficult molding process - As with many mouthguards, you may have some trial and error with the molding process. If the fit isn’t satisfactory, you can always go through the process repeatedly until you get the perfect fit with the most comfort, just be prepared to give it a few tries.


The Redline Sportswear MMA mouthguard gives buyers an easy and affordable way to get effective mouth protection for combat sports, with several different color options as well. Although the fit may take a few tries, the incredibly low cost and impressive performance make this an awesome choice for MMA training and fighting.

Best Mouthguards for Snoring

For many people, fixing a persistent snoring problem can be as easy as using a specialized mouthpiece that holds the jaw in a certain position, allowing for fluid breathing in the air passages. There are certainly a wide range of mouthpieces out there for this, but none are better than the P&J Health Snore Stopper.

This mouthpiece is everything you could want rom something you have to keep in your mouth all night while sleeping. It’s easy to customize, feels soft in your mouth, and uses safe materials free of harmful chemicals.


  • Remouldable - The Snore Stopper can be remoulded multiple times, allowing you make adjustments until you have the ideal fit for better sleep and overall comfort.
  • Soft - The material is hard enough to be durable and hold your mouth properly in place, but also soft enough to be comfortable and avoid irritation.
  • BPA & latex-free - The Snore Stopper avoids outdated and harmful chemicals in its materials.
  • Free travel case - For the times when you need to bring the Snore Stopper with you, it comes with a vented case that provides easy and sanitary transport.


  • Takes some getting used to - As with any nighttime mouthguard, this one takes some getting used to, so prepare for a few nights of possible mild discomfort at first.


The P&J Health Snore Stopper is simply the best solution for snoring due to mouth positioning. It’s an easy and effective fix for persistent snorers, comes at a great price, and offers a superior amount of comfort and fit, so you can sleep better — along with anyone else around you.

2nd Best for Snoring

We definitely have our favorite mouthguard for snoring, but as with any mouthguard or mouthpiece, sometimes a different product may work better for certain people. If you’re looking for the best alternative to the P&J Health Snore Stopper, the NEOMEN Snore Stopper mouthpiece should be where you look next.

This mouthpiece ensures an exceptional amount of comfort and fit, and provides an ideal amount of airflow to eliminate snoring, while avoiding any noticeable discomfort.


  • Medical-grade material - The NEOMEN Snore Stopper uses high-quality, medical-grade material that makes it durable, soft, and free from any harmful chemicals.
  • Optimal airflow - The design of the Snore Stopper allows for a maximum amount of airflow during use, eliminating snoring, while providing better breathing, and in turn, better sleep.
  • Risk-free - The Snore Stopper comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like the results and want to try a different product, they’ll fully refund your money.


  • One size - This Snore Stopper only has one size, so it may not be ideal for everyone. Most should be able to cut and mold it for a perfect fit, however.


The NEOMEN Snore Stopper may very well be the best snoring mouthpiece for some buyers. It has an innovative and effective design, comes completely risk-free, and at a great price. If the P&J Health Snore Stopper isn’t cutting it for you, give this one a try instead.

Best Boxing Mouthguard

For many, boxing mouthguards can often be a matter of preference in terms of fit, thickness, style, and design. The Teeth Armor Professional Sport Mouthguard takes the middle road on all of these characteristics, resulting in an excellent all-around mouthguard that any boxer or combat sport competitor can appreciate.

This mouthguard provides a high amount of protection combined with a soft and customizable fit, giving users peace of mind and a more comfortable mouthpiece that won’t be distracting while being worn.


  • Thick base - The outside base of the Teeth Armor mouthguard is made from thick, yet flexible material that absorbs a large amount of shock on impact, while remaining comfortable against your teeth
  • Custom fit - The mouthguard is one of the easiest to mold, and many can get the proper fit on their first try.
  • BPA & latex-free, no additives - Boxing mouthguards go through a lot of punishment and use when in your mouth, so it’s a great thing that this model is free of any BPA and latex, and lacks color additives.
  • 2-pack + free case - This model actually comes with two mouthguards with one purchase, so you’re getting more for your money. It also includes a convenient carrying case you can easily fit in your gym bag or backpack.


  • Not for smaller mouths - If you have a small mouth, this mouthguard may give you a little trouble with fit, although it’s not hard to trim the edges off if needed.


The Teeth Armor Professional Sport Mouthguard is a great choice for any boxer due to its comfort, light profile, and excellent shock absorption. The two-pack aspect makes it a great value, and the mouthguard can easily be used for other sports as well.

Best Mouthguards for TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ, can be a very painful and debilitating condition that stems from grinding and clenching teeth in your sleep. Fortunately, mouthguards like the DentaPro 2000 offer an easy solution to hold your jaw in place at night and help put a stop to the pain and inflammation. 

The DentaPro 2000 is easy to use, and has a size that should work for most anyone. It can be molded and formed to a more precise fit for your teeth that allows you to sleep better at night due to the comfort, while holding your jaw in the right position to eventually ease the symptoms resulting from TMJ.


  • Mouldable, versatile size - The mouthguard has one of the more versatile sizes you’ll encounter, and can be molded in hot water to form around your teeth and lock into position better.
  • Silicone material - The DentaPro 2000 is crafted from quality silicone materials that is rated for medical use, and does not contain harmful chemicals or additives.
  • Numerous uses - The DentaPro 2000 already makes an excellent TMJ mouthguard, but can also be used as a teeth whitening tray if you have the proper whitening solution on hand.
  • Vented case included - A vented case comes with the mouthguard, letting you keep it clean and protected when not in use, or for when you’re traveling.


  • Hard to mold - The mouthguard is a little difficult to mold, and may take a few tries before you get it right. This is not all that uncommon for mouthguards though.


TMJ is one of the most painful and bothersome conditions that stems from teeth clenching, and the DentaPro 2000 is the best way to find relief. Once you get the molding to a proper size, the mouthguard is comfortable to us each night, resulting in better sleep and a life free of pain associated with TMJ.

Best Kids Sports Mouthguards

Looking for the best choice to use for kids sports such as Football? The Oral Mart Kids Football Mouthguard is the obvious choice. It’s made to provide ample protection for a kid’s teeth, while also ensuring added durability and the ability to grow as they grow


  • Properly sized - This mouthguard is specifically designed to offer a great fit for youth users, without being too small or too big.
  • Easy to Mold - This is one of the easiest mouthguards to mold, which is likely due to the fact that it’s intended to be remoulded as needed as the kid grows and their teeth change.
  • Chew-resistant - The mouthguard is made using durable materials inside and out. Both the inside and outside portions are resistant to constant biting and chewing, allowing the mouthguard to be used for long periods of time without the need for replacement.
  • Vented case - Each mouthguard comes with a protective case with vents to encourage proper drying and cleanliness when not in use.


  • Can’t be used with braces - Kids with braces will not be able to use this mouthguard, and will likely need a specialized mouthguard made by a dentist.


The Oral Mart Kids Football Mouthguard is the perfect choice for growing kids playing any number of sports. The mouthguard is affordable, comes in several colors, and offers excellent protection and fit that will go a long way in protecting a kids mouth and teeth during  a wide range of sports.

Why Use a Mouthguard?

Most everyone is familiar with mouthguards and what they’re for, but there are actually more than a few different reasons to use one.

Let’s see which factors matter before picking your next computer speakers

  • Sports:
    The most popular use for mouthguards and mouthpieces is for athletics. Mouthguards provide protection to teeth and the inside of the mouth due to collisions and accidental impact within a wide range of sports, including basketball, football, soccer, and hockey, and also combat sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA.)
  • Sleep:
    Snoring is a fairly common problem that affects millions of people. For many, the solution is as simple as using a specialized snoring mouth guard that gently positions the mouth and jaw to let air flow through without being restricted. As a result, yo sleep better, and avoid annoying anyone around you each night.
  • Teeth-Grinding/TMJ:
    If you have jaw pain, or pain in your teeth that seems to come from nowhere, it’s likely that you may be clenching your teeth in your sleep without knowing it, which leads to a wide range of problems, including TMJ. Mouthguards for teeth-grinding and clenching keep you from doing so by adding a protective layer, and also holding your teeth in place.