Best Massage Chairs Review and Buying Guide In 2020

Just like yoga, weight training, acupuncture or meditation, a massage chair can offer you that optimal kind of relaxation to get you relieved from work or day to day stress.Today,many people are buying massage chairs for a good number of reasons namely: For stress andm pain relief, for relaxation, and sleep enhancement just to mention but a few.


And with thousands of massage chair models and brands to choose from in the market, it’s difficult to narrow down to the best massage chair for your use. Thus below,we provide you with the best choice in the market. You also get a take away guide on the factors to consider when buying a massage chair. Let us get to it.

Best Overall: Relaxon Chair MK –II Plus

If you are looking for a table that is both quality synthetic leather & user friendly, the Relaxon Chair MK- 2 should be your choice. 


Winner : Best Overall


The Relaxon Chair MK –II plus is a top tied massage chair built with quality synthetic soft grained leather for user friendly experience. Its appearance is charcoal in colour with an inbuilt heat and air massage system to relieve your tense muscles. Its rollers are designed exclusively to realign your spine to its original shape. Dip tissue stretching and massage is also possible with this machine thanks to its spinal re compression function.

Additional dual rollers and l-track innovation placed from the upper back to the glutes ensures that you get a full back massage and relieve for the lower back pain.You can also programme the strategically placed airbags to offer acupressure to arms shoulders, hips, feet and calves.The Zero gravity feature in the Relaxon MK-II chair enables users to elevate their feet to a position that minimizes vertebrae strain and optimize blood flow throughout the body. This massage chair is easy to operate as you can operate it via its one hand portable remote controller. Plus its large screen viewer makes the user be aware of the activated functions and the deactivated ones.



Runner Up

The iRobotic 7 Massage chair is an American tested and assembled electric shiatsu massage chair with a good balance of features you can be interested in. Besides being among the quietest massage chairs in the market, it has multiple adjustments settings you can find in a massage chair. Its 5 personal use memory settings allow it to provide a melange of body massages and of varying intensity for multiple users. It additionally usually adjusts to the shape of the person using it.

Specific body massage is possible with this chair courtesy of its manual settings with kneading varied speed.The iRobotic 7 chair is fitted with high quality 10 watt Bluetooth speakers for a good music experience for the massage chair users. The maximum individual weight it can accommodate is 300 pounds and 6.7 for maximum height.



One of the striking features with this brown massage chair is its high quality features and price package. It is an l- track roller massager that offers a full body massage using the latest massage technology.

You can test out the Zero gravity feature on this massage chair before buying it as it has received applauds for making its users feel like they are in space. Within its capabilities you will also find a series of programs that include: SH- Chiro, heat therapy, Kyro and yoga stretching functions.

It has an L-track massage system that stretches from the neck to the buttock allowing a thorough and effective spine massage.



This custom made black massage chair has heat transmitters that help in healing and recovery of your body and not so much on achieving total relaxation. The heat transmitters are incorporated in the massage rollers to give you that soothing for tense and sore muscles in your body. The Panasonic EP- MA73KU massage chair has shiatsu rollers that target your toes for a proper foot massage experience.

Whether tall of short the Panasonic EP- MA73KU is able to contour massage motions to consistently hit various curves of your body and achieve a consistent massage.The automatic and manual massage programs of the massage chair give you the freedom to choose the kind of massage you would like to have. Rolling, shiatsu, kneading are some of the programs available in the massage chair.



More Great Buys

This chair massage encompasses 3D technology that can allow you to have a mild, strong, or precise massage with five different intense levels to choose from. With it you also get a full body computer scan to help achieve and target areas that need massage on your body.

The Osaki OS- 3D Pro has reduced its airbags to 36 airbags while seamlessly increased the massage surface area to give a better massage feel for its customers. Well, another element to check out in the Osaki OS- 3D Pro is the auto shut off function. This function allows you to set how long you would want to have a massage; once the massage time lapses, then machine automatically turns itself off.



This is a chocolate brown affordable massage chair with 3D enabled technology and all round person massager. Its roller is adjustable as you can adjust it in proportion to your body weight. It has a combined total of 14 rollers and airbags that are easily adjustable for a gentle to powerful deep tissue massage.

To relax your pain or tight back muscles, the IT -8500 has a lumbar heating function to help prepare your body for a massage. This massager further allows you to readjust massage settings and seating position using the Bluetooth enabled remote control meaning less stress as a user.



This massage chair is specifically made for you if you have chronic back problem. Besides having leather synthetic seats, the Oscaki OS – 400 has a robotic scan that allows it to automatically adjust to your body curve. It does this through the recliner that adjusts to your body curvature.

Secondly, its recliner has more than 30 airbags to help alleviate blood clot and get blood flowing around the various parts of your body. You can also adjust the speed and intensity of your massage as the Osaki OS- 400 has six massage styles to choose from. The heating massage pads on the chair are integrated to work on lowering muscle tension and lower back pain. For the neck, shoulders, hips and buttocks there is an air squeeze massager to serve your needs. The massage chair use 110-120 volts to operate.



It’s among the cheapest massage chairs costing below 1000 dollars. The reason why this massage is among the best choices is that it has a zero gravity feature that works better than most low end massage chairs boasting to have this feature.Its level cannot be compared to that of premium massages but it’s quite comfortable and soothing. It has for massage programs: the strong, relax, mild and sleep mode to give you varied massage intensities. Because of the Real Relax smart control remote control, you can choose the kind of airbags, roller massage and timing for your massage.

Its armrest is uniquely designed with arm clip to give the user a comfortable feel when using it. The massage chair has embedded vibrator and airbags for the hips to give that hand kneading feel for the lower bag and hips.Once your done using this massage chair, you can use the chair as a recline sofa and watch TV, read or sleep.  Its two wheels on the rare also make it easy to move around.



This is the most advanced in the Titan series. The cream chair is fitted with Zero gravity position and made with the intention of aligning your back with your thighs, thus helping enhance you massage experience.This titan model has an L track Massage function which can help to align your neck and back area. The result of this is an effective massage.

The foot rollers have adjustable settings. When you combine this with the Titan Tppro 8400d three speed settings, you can increase or decreased intensity during your massage.For increased massage comfort, the remote auto- recline and decline function is also a feature you would want to experience.



This leather electric and luxurious zero gravity chair from shiatsu comes with a recliner, back heating function and air massage for home or office use. At the bottom of every footrest is fitted with a foot roller system and automated air massage system that is acupuncture inspired to stimulate the specific pain points of your lower feet and give you a stress relieving experience.


The OOTORI massage Chair allows the user to choose between a customized or automatic massage. The automatic massage has 4 options to choose from that can be accessed via a button, while for the customized massage you can customize the speed, intensity and type of massage you desire. For a full body massage the OOTORI massage is fitted with 8 massage rollers for the back and feet, 56 airbags for the arms shoulders and legs. The chair is for users that are 6 feet and below.




It is good to know what to look out for when looking for a massage chair as massage chairs vary in quality, price, design and functionality.Other considerations look out for in a chair include the space requirements, budget, brand, and warranty just to mention a few.

Tips on Buying a Massaged Chair

1. What Issue do you have?

  • Always pick a massage chair based on the issue you are trying to solve as there are massage chairs that are more aligned to certain parts of the body than others.

  • For a full body massage experience, ensure your Premium chair has:Body scanning capabilities, heat therapy, relaxation settings, Zero Gravity, l track design, Height range and foot massage capabilities.

2. Ask On the Air Cells Number

  • The higher the air cell number, the better massage experience .For higher and concentrated pressure during massage consider choosing a chair whose air cells have 2-3 layers.

3. Available Home Space

  • How much home space do you have for a massage chair?Note that Robotic chairs are known to generally take a lot of space while some contemporary chairs can be too big to fit into a doorway.

4. Maintenance Costs

  • A top quality massage chair mustn’t necessarily be complex to maintain. Be aware that Modular design massage chairs are easy if not, the easiest to maintain

  • Consider also purchasing a plug and play massage chair  or models that require little to no professional help to assemble and dissemble parts

5. Purchase Price

  • The best Massage chair isn’t necessarily the most expensive one but the one that balances between addressing your issue and falling within your budget.

  • For faster search, within this article we have listed for you the best choices both in resourcefulness and with cost consideration.

6. Warranty! Warranty!

  • A massage chair with a warranty of 3 to 5 years is a solid option for a first time or regular massage chair buyer.

  • It is also good to inquire whether your massage chair warranty covers both the machine and the labour cost involved as most good massage chair manufacturers offer this value service.


In Conclusion

From the review it’s clear that each and every massage chair has its own merits and demerits. Therefore just to recap:


  1. Relaxon Chair MK –II Plus Massage Chair–is best for general full range massage therapy

  2. The iRobotic 7 Massage Chair by Luraco-for advanced massage control

  3. Kahuna LM- 6800 Massage Chair– for Zero gravity positioning

  4. Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Massage Chair – for full body kneading techniques

  5. Osaki OS- 3D Pro– for shoulder air massage

  6. Infinity IT-8500 X3 3D Chair – for relaxation purpose

  7. Osaki OS- 400 – for a foot massage – for regular pain relief massage

  8. Real Relax full Shiatsu Massage Chair – the cheapest of all

  9. Titan Tppro8400d Model Tp- Pro 8400 Massage Chair– for full range foot massage

  10. OOTORI Massage Chair – for Office or home use