The 10 Best Lift Chairs for Super Comfort in 2020

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Best Lift chairs are often recommended to the elderly, the infirm, and those with limited mobility. Unlike ordinary chairs, lift chairs are made to make it super easy for the user to sit down and adjust them to the desired recline angle.

People with back problems or seniors who’d ordinarily struggle to sit upright for long hours; lift chairs are a godsend for such.

Below, we have a list of some of the 10 best lift chairs in the market today. The chairs vary in terms of the weight they can support, the recline features, as well as motorization (some are fully electric, others not).

Like always, we strive try to make our reviews as honest and unbiased as possible. Ours is to furnish you with everything you need to know about lift chairs; we leave the decision making to you.

Our #1 Recommendation Best lift chairs: Best Overall

                                                                          Bonzy Lift Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair

Very user friendly, the remote control makes using this chair look like a video game. It’s thus very ideal/ popular with nursing mothers, people with severe medical handicaps, the elderly, etc. When testing this chair, we were mesmerized to note that it can tilt to one side to help the user slide on it, without losing balance or tripping over.

The soft and durable fabric is both comfy and easy to clean; considering that persons confined to reclining chairs require high levels of hygiene. With a lift capacity of 300 lbs and a warranty of 3 years, this is one chair that is guaranteed to give you value for your money.



Our #2 Recommendation

                                                                           Cozzia MC-520 lift chair            

The Cozzia MC-520 lift chair prides itself of offering comfort at every angle. The footrest and backrest can be independently adjusted to attain the desired position. You’re able to adjust the height of the headrest or move the wings in and out. Additionally, you have 6 pre-set options to pick from; TV, reading, Home, Flat position, and Zero gravity.

We also found this chair to be one of the most technologically advanced; it has relax air massage, heating, and a super effective electric lift capable of lifting 300 lbs. All features on the MC-520 like the position adjustment, turning on heating, starting air compression for the massage; all these are done using a hand held button.

The Cozzia MC-520 lift chair offers fantastic massage and heating options that are worth its somewhat hefty price.



More Great Buys

                                                                           Catnapper Preston 4850 Power Lift Chair  

The Catnapper Preston 4850 is a stylish, all electric, power lift and reclining chair. It comes with a soft and durable fabric, available in chocolate brown colour. Arguably, this chair beats most of its competitors in terms of offering comfort; Coil springs and comfort gel make the chair super comfortable.


The manufacturer says the chair has over 50 independent coil springs; which means more comfort and better distribution of body weight. The triple pub back design is stylish and conspicuous; the head rest is designed to look like a really fluffy pillow. It also has an emergency battery backup and has a lift capacity of 350 lbs. With this chair, everything works so smoothly and quietly.  The cushions have a lifetime warranty.

The Catnapper Preston 4850 Power Lift Chair is the real deal, super comfortable and has the best warranty offer.



                                                                           Mega Motion Lift Chair LC-200

The Mega Motion Lift Chair is an all-electric lift and recline chair

Has a lift capacity of 329 lbs.   

Has 4 steady steel legs that are easily adjustable

Zipped seat and back cushions, this means convenient replacement and adjustment.

Has a strong, furniture grade hardwood frame.

The recliner can be adjusted to three different positions.

The emergency battery backup comes in handy during power outages.

Has a one-year warranty.

The Mega Motion Lift Chair LC-200 stands out for its powerful emergency Battery.




                                                                         CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

The CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair is a heavy duty, thickly padded beauty that has a lift capacity of 300 lbs. It’s easy to set up and use, also boasts of a smooth lift mechanism. You can lift, tilt, lie back, and stand all at the simple push of a button. The metal frame and base is stable, durable and super safe; chair can’t tilt or fall over in any of the above positions.

The backrest, arms and seat are made of overstuffed pillow for enhanced comfort. Antiskid microfiber upholstery means that the user can’t slide or fall over when the chair is reclined to sharp angles.

The CANMOV power lift recliner chair is best in safety and comfort, but the  springs loosen over time



                                                                                             U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair 

Rarely do you find a reclining seat with so many features all rolled in one package. But the U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair does just that; it’s electric powered, it’s super comfy, has multiple remotes, and most importantly, it offers advanced massage features. Imagine a chair that massages your legs, lumbar, back, and thighs. And as if that’s not enough, you can select 5 models of how want the massage done.  The massage can be done in the form of pulses, waves, tight, auto, or normal.

The integrated lift mechanism is safe and smooth. Select your favourite reclining angle and enjoy a book, TV show, or just some relaxing sleep. Oh, and did we mention that the chair has wheels at the bottom for easy movement around the house? Or even the 4 storage pouches and double cup holders?

This is why we said that rarely do you find so many features packed into one chair; U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair tops in this aspect. The U-MAX recliner power lift chair is the most technologically advanced and is the best overall.



                                                      Merax Power Recliner And Lift Chair    

The Merax power recliner and lift chair has an infinite position lift; meaning that you have an infinite range of positions to choose from.  It’s also one of the few brands that pride themselves of using eco friendly leather fabric. The high grade leather is soft and remains puffy even when sat on for a continuous period. Add the thick polyester-filled pillows and armrests for maximum comfort. 

The chair also has double padding on pressure points and areas prone to aches such as the back, neck, arms and head. The side pockets come in handy for storing items like books, TV remote, water bottle, and so on so forth.The Merax Power Recliner and Lift Chair has the best upholstery; it’s both eco-friendly and stain resistant.



                                                                                 Esright Power Lift Chair 

The Esright Power Lift Chair also functions as a recliner; the recliner and lift functions are controlled remotely. It has weight capacity of 300lbs. The chair has two side pockets for convenient storage. Upholstery consists of durable, easy to clean leather. The back cushion and armrest are extra padded for comfort.



Harper and Bright lift Designs is a California based home furniture maker, they’re famous for their classy and innovative designs. The WFO38064DAA doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a sturdy metal frame and a new tech fabric that looks and feels like top quality leather, it doesn’t peel or fade for at least 5 years. It’s both spacious and comfy, also comes with side storage pockets on either side.

This chair is thickly padded on the arm and back rest, you can recline it by the simple push of a button. In order to allow for this chair to recline to the maximum, you’re advised to place it at least 40 cm from the wall. It can support up to 330lbs. 



                                                                            Medlift 1555P Small Scale Lift Chair

Like the name suggests, this Chair is specifically designed for smaller and petite persons. The seat rises or reclines at the simple touch of a button; everything happens so smoothly and quickly, thanks to a 24V DC Electric motor. The 1555P also comes with a conveniently located side pocket; you can store the remote control, Newspapers, eye glasses, magazines, and so forth.  This is a two position lift chair; can be set to upright or reclined position. 

At the recline position, the chair slants to 30 degrees, which is the perfect and recommended angle/position for reading or watching TV. The roll arms and footrest are all padded for extra comfort. The steel lift mechanism can support up to 275 lbs. Also worth mentioning is that this chair has a 4 year warranty, with the lift mechanism coming with a lifetime warranty.The Medlift Small Scale Chair is an average chair; offers great functionalities but is only limited to smaller persons.



Best Lift Chairs Buying Guide

There are various factors that you should consider when buying a lift chair to meet your needs. These include

  1. Reclining options

Different lift chairs have different reclining positions available to the user. There options are;

  • Two positions
  • Three positions
  • Infinite positions.

The reclining option you choose should comfortably meet your needs.

  • Lift chairs with two and three reclining positions are suitable for reading, watching TV and resting.
  • The infinite recliners are best for users that want to sleep on the lift chair.

The infinite recline lift chairs are a good choice because you can choose the position that best suits you.

2. Mechanism of the lift chair

The lifting mechanism is often electric and workable with the press of a button.

  • Some lift chairs use a spring-based mechanism.
  • However, lift chairs with a spring mechanism are not as popular because of safety and damage concerns.
  • The electric based mechanisms are reasonably slow to allow the user to get out of the chair safely and without strain.

3. Sizing of the lift chairs

Lift chairs are designed to accommodate specific body types (in terms of weight and height.

  • Most chairs have a weight capacity of 300lbs to 375lbs.
  • These chairs further come in the small, large and tall designs to accommodate different heights.
  • Occasionally, some lift chairs are designed to accommodate 500lbs, 600lbs and 700lbs.

Purchasing a chair whose weight capacity is below your weight will damage the chair or hurt you.

3. Lift chair features

Lift chairs offer different features such as storage pockets, cup holders, swivel trays, heating and massage options and lumbar support.

  • These features are added for the convenience of the users as well as their comfort.
  • Lift chairs with heating and massage features are often more expensive than those without.

4. The material of the lift chair

Lift chairs use different materials for the lifting mechanism, making the frame and the upholstery.

  • The materials should be strong and durable.
  • The upholstery material used should be soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on.
  • Additionally, the upholstery material should be easy to clean when it gets dirty.
  • The chair should also be made of breathable material to prevent sweating when you sit on it for a long time.

5. Comfort

The chair should be comfortable to sit on for long periods.

  • You should not feel pain or aches when you get up from the chair.
  • It is advisable that you look for lift chairs that are well padded for your comfort.
  • The chair should be extra padded on the regions that support areas prone to aches such as the back and the neck.

6. Budget

The good news is that, a lot of manufacturers make good quality lift chairs with different price ranges.

  • You can find the right lift chair for your needs, based on your budget.
  • Lift chairs with advanced features such as massage and heating will cost you slightly more.