Best Leaf Blower Review 2020 – Electric, Gas, Cordless and BackPack

Recently, I have tried various gardening tools, and leaf blowers have been one of them.

I have found that not all leaf blowers are as great as they claim themselves to be. And, got some interesting insights.

Here, I am going to share the same.

Depending on what I’ve discovered during my review, I have listed down a list of best leaf blowers in 2018.

If you’re going to buy one, this guide will surely save you time.

Take a look!

10 Best Leaf Blower Comparison

ProductElectric or Gas?DimensionsWeightBuy

Greenworks 24012


9.84 x 7.26 x 17.32 inches

4.5 Lbs

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Toro 51619 Ultra


14 x 41 x 9 inches

8.5 Lbs

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Husqvarna 125B


8 x 16 x 38 inches

9.4 Lbs

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Hitachi RB24EAP


15 x 10.5 x 17.3 inches

8.6 Lbs

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GreenWorks G-MAX


10 x 7 x 31 inches

3.3 Lbs

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9.88 x 20.75 x 15.63 inches

14.3 Lbs

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Sun Joe SBJ601E


10.63 x 7.48 x 31.5 inches

4.4 Lbs

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Makita BHX2500CA


16.25 x 11 x 14.5 inches

9.8 Lbs

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Poulan Pro


17 x 17 x 13 inches

22 Lbs

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9.37 x 10.87 x 16.57 inches

7.2 Lbs

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Greenworks 24012 – Best Cordless Leaf Blower

Greenworks 24012

This one is by Green works is a 7 amp single speed electric blower which is powerful enough to do the job. It has a simple design and it is light in weight; weighing about 4.58lbs. It is easy to maintain and can go up to 160mph. It is intended to work efficiently and quickly. It has a safety cord lock which prevents the cord from disconnecting and its ergonomic design is made for your comfort to make work easier.

It is relatively quiet in comparison to others. It has an electric start, saving your energy and time. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It emits no harmful emissions into the atmosphere and every time you use your lawn, you can expect higher efficiency. It is ideal for collect mowed grass, leaves and other debris. It comes in two pieces and is 20inches long in total. It is EPA approved; meaning it reduces energy usage by about 35 percent. It comes with a four year warranty and you can expect minimal tune ups and maintenance with this one of the best electric leaf blower. It costs 25 – 45$ and it is green in color.


1. It is light in weight

2. It is powerful for its small size

3. Fairly quiet

4. Ideal for blowing leaves off sidewalks, patios and driveways

5. It is affordable

6. Ideal for home use or light tasks

7. Easy to use

8. Well balanced


1. The only major disadvantage with this blower is that it may not be ideal for blowing leaves off lawns

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Toro 51619 Ultra – Best Electric Leaf Blower

Toro 51619 Ultra

The Toro 51619 Ultra is an electric leaf blower that’s commonly red in colour. It has a metal impeller that drives power. It is a versatile tool which can carry out three roles; it can blow leaves, shred leaves and vacuum. It is powerful, can go up to 250mph. It has a vacuum tube, has a bottom zip bag to hold suctioned objects, the bag has a bottom zipper which makes disposal easier. It comes with a power insert and a concentrator nozzle. It also comes with a built-in cord lock which helps keep the cord attached to it. It has a cord storage hook which helps you store it easily, just wrap the extension cord around it and put it away. Another alternative is to put it in the vacuum bag and hang it on the wall. Keep in mind the extension cable needs to be purchased separately. It has speed control options for both the modes which gives you better control while you work. Its user-friendliness makes it one of the best leaf blowers in 2018.

This one is corded and allows for multiple applications, this means you can change the nozzle to work in any space. The air stream clears debris, sticks and leaves of all sizes. It has a powerful vacuum and can reduce mulched debris to less than ½ inch. It comes with a two-year full warranty and it costs 70 – 85$.


1. It is small

2. It is easy to hold

3. Take up little space

4. It is very powerful

5. Little assembly required

6. It is affordable

7. This leaf blower has two-speed options which make it convenient

8. Well designed

9. Allows for many holding positions


1. Lacks an extension cable

2. Quite heavy

3. Quite noisy

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Husqvarna 125B – Best Gas Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 125B

This Husqvarna 125B is a powerful hand held blower. It can blow speeds of up to 170mph. The fan housing is designed so that the air streaming in is in line with the handle to reduce fatigue on your arm and wrist. It has a stop switch which automatically resets for easy starting. You can adjust the fan speed for easier handling. The blowing tube can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

This is one of the best handheld leaf blower when it comes to minimising the stress on your hand, as it is designed to be light weight. It delivers powerful wind power and has a cruise control feature to maintain constant fan speed with ease. It costs 130 – 150$.


1. Light in weight

2. Powerful enough to do a good job

3. It has two speed options which make it convenient


1. Might not be ideal for left-handed people

2. Quite hard to start

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Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower

Hitachi RB24EAP

Hitachi RB24EAP is gas powered and can push air up to a velocity of 170mph with a taper nozzle. It is motored by 23.9cc motor, making it powerful enough to get tasks done with ease. The engine is designed with PureFire low emission two stroke engine technology and a two finger throttle lever which makes it easy to operate.

It has an auto return stop switch and it is light in weight; weighs 8.6lbs. It is well balanced making it easy to use while reducing fatigue. It comes with a seven year warranty for consumer use and a two year warranty for commercial use. It comes with a one year warranty on leased appliances.

It comes with a blower, taper nozzle and a manual of use.It is certified to EPA’s highest useful life rating at 300 hour EDR.It emits lower fumes, which ensures that it has less environmental impact. It also makes it safer for you to use.It is ideal for homeowners and professionals who need a powerful leaf blower which can handle large jobs.It costs 100 – 130$.


1. It is light

2. It is affordable

3. It is quite powerful

4. It feels balanced

5. It is efficient


1. Works better as a blower than a vacuum unit

2. Lacks a trigger lock

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GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX – Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX

This one is a battery powered gadget aimed at delivering the power you need while working in your yard. It comes with a high-performance lithium-ion Battery. It allows you to choose the speeds at which to work and it can reach up to 150mph, ideal for clearing debris and leaves off your patio and driveway. It offers additional speed control and is ideal for sweeping and gathering tasks. It is light in weight and is low maintenance. It is easy to store and you can avoid the gas and oil mess that comes with other leaf blowers. It is quiet in comparison to other ones in the race of best lithium-ion cordless leaf blower of 2018. It gives a run time of up to 35 minutes with a single charge. It is designed with a two-piece tube which gives you more control while you sweep and gather debris. It costs 115 – 130$.


1. It is quite powerful for a battery charged blower

2. It is efficient

3. It is cordless which makes it ideal for use around the house, yard and even on the roof

4. The batteries are interchangeable with other Gmax batteries

5. Comes with battery and charger

6. Value for your money

7. Low maintenance


1. This leaf blower may not be ideal for heavy tasks; ideal for light tasks

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The Black & Decker BV5600 is a 12amp motor and it is a three in one product; it comes with a blower, vacuum and mulcher. It can reach up to 250 mph and allows you to adjust it to two speed options. It can grind up to 16 bags of mulch to one bag and it is easy to switch the modes. It has two speed selections for flower beds and can blow away matted leaves. It is much quieter in comparison to other ones in this range. It has a built in cord retainer which keeps the extension in place and plugged in for uninterrupted power and use. . It is ideal for clearing sidewalks, driveways, garages and yards free from leaves and debris. It can also handle pine needles, twigs, grass clippings and other lawn debris. Upon purchase, it comes with a BV5600 motor head, a concentrator, nozzle, blow tube, vacuum tube and assembly bag. It costs 60-80$.


1. It has powerful suction and blowing properties

2. It is sturdy

3. It can perform mulching efficiently and well

4. Quite light in weight

5. It is easy to use

6. Switching from a leaf blower to vacuum is easy.


1. Sometimes leaves get stuck in suction tube

2. Needs assembly

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Sun Joe SBJ601E All-Purpose 2-Speed Electric Blower

Sun Joe SBJ601E

Sun Joe SBJ601E is ideal for use on driveways, decks, patios and garages. Can reach a speed of up to 215mph. It has 2 speed settings, you can choose from either normal or high speed depending on your requirements. It comes with a full two year warranty. It is powered by a 10amp motor and you can choose from four colors; green, blue, red and purple. It is a lightweight leaf blower which is suited to perform light blowing tasks. It weighs 4.4lbs and you can carry it anywhere you need to be. It is easy to transport and easy to stow away. It is electric thus zero emissions. It costs 20 – 40$


1. It is light in weight

2. Great for light tasks

3. It is electric, no emissions

4. The two speeds are ideal

5. It is the best affordable leaf blower.

6. Easy to start

7. Powerful for its size

8. Easy to attach any extension cable


1. Doesn’t come with a cord

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Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Grade Handheld (CARB Compliant)

Makita BHX2500CA

With 24.5cc, Makita BHX2500CA is powerful and fuel efficient. It has mechanical automatic engine decompression for easier and quicker starts. It has a large capacity muffler which makes it quiet in comparison to other one in the list of best leaf blowers for 2018. It is compact and only weights 9.8lbs. It comes with a dual stage air filter which is replaceable. It has a soft grip which reduces vibration. It comes with cruise control to reduce fatigue. It has a translucent fuel tank with a large opening for easier refueling. It can hold 17.7oz and the spark plus is easily accessible for easier maintenance. It is 14inches long and is ideal for home and professional use.
It costs 180-230$.


1. It is easy to start

2. It is quite powerful

3. It is light in weight

4. Ideal for indoor and outdoor work

5. It is quieter as compared to others

6. No need to mix oil for it function

7. Doesn’t run on a lot of oil

8. It is cordless and increases convenience


1. Needs fuel to run thus has emissions

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Poulan Pro 967087101 Backpack [48cc]

Poulan Pro 967087101

The Poulan Pro Backpack is powered by a 48cc two stroke engine. It can blow up to 200mp and it has cruise control. It has a heavy duty frame with variable speed throttle control. It provides great power while delivering high velocity blowing force to clean yards of leaves and debris. Making it the second best gas leaf blower after Hitachi RB24EAP, in terms of power. It costs 160 – 220$.


1. It is powerful and clears debris as ell

2. Light enough to prevent fatigue

3. Easy to start

4. High-quality leaf blower

5. It is solid

6. It is quiet in comparison with other ones


1. Primer bulb location is hard to reach

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This is an electric leaf blower is ideal for both home use and for professionals. It delivers a powerful blast of air to blow away any leaves and debris. It has dynamic air flow design and hyper stream nozzle for maximum impact. It has variable speeds to suit your needs. You can use the low speed for light tasks and increase power when you need it. It is quite light; 6.4lbs and it is easy to control with one hand without getting fatigued. It has a power cord retainer for hassle free use. It comes with a three year warranty. It is ideal for sweeping any yard, garden or hard surface free from leaves or debris. It is ergonomically designed to reduce arm fatigue. Its the best home leaf blower.


1. It is light

2. Cordless making it convenient for use anywhere in the home

3. Has zero emissions

4. It is small yet powerful

5. It is quite noiseless in comparison with other models

6. No need to mix gas and oil, just plug in and use


1. The cord might get in the way while in use

2. Could do with a longer nozzle

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Tips To Consider When Buying A Leaf Blower

When it comes to gardening, trees can shed leaves quite often. Not only do trees drop leaves; they also drop twigs, pine cones and more. The major advantage of it, is that it can be used all year round and can be used around the deck, in the house and in the garden. They can also blow away light snow on the patio.

These are available in different types in the market including corded electric, gas powered and battery operated. They come in a number of styles; these are handheld, backpack models, even wheeled models.

Knowing the best leaf blower is crucial as it helps you narrow down your search to a few reputable brands.

For more thorough details take a look at the below video : 

Consider speed and convenience

These are two factors which you might need to consider before making your purchase. When it comes to handheld, gas powered are the fastest and can get rid of debris quickly since they are more powerful. Some also have a hose where they can suction debris through either a metal impeller or nylon impeller. Consider a blower with a metal impeller in instances where twigs are inhaled.

When considering a corded electric leaf blower, most are extremely powerful and can also do the job just as well. Gas operated ones allow you to use it anywhere; however they are heavier, cost more and are quite loud. You would also need to consider that they require fuel and require more maintenance. Which is not good for a leaf blower.

Cordless electrically, operated ones are less powerful than gas blowers and they have limited run time per battery charge. They are quite light in weight and you can use them anywhere.

Backpack blowers cost more than handhelds but they can be more powerful. They transfer weight to your back and shoulders and you can move with the it wherever you’d like.

Wheeled leaf blowers are ideal when you have to cover a lot of ground at a go. They are the most powerful and take up more storage space. They are more expensive and they can be heavy to push and control.

Consider noise levels

They can be extremely loud and this can be disruptive in a neighborhood. Some areas prohibit the use of it during certain hours while other restrict the use of gas blowers because they are extremely loud. Other states do not allow the use of it at all. It is a good idea to find out your town’s regulations to show the guidelines which are allowed in your town or state. Though, the leaf blowers already have controlled noise levels of the motors. The next step would be to check your blower to find out what noise level they emit.

Care when using a blower

1. Be sure to wear protection especially ear muffs to protect your ears.

2. Up close, they can be extremely loud.

3. Wear safety wear like goggles and a dust mask.

4. Avoid working near pets or people when using it.

5. It is best to use them during the day rather than very early or very late in the day

Leaf Blower Types

Corded Electric

They are typically light in weight, and best leaf blower available in the market. Normally, weighing eight pounds or less and are quite powerful. They’re Ideal when you are looking for a powerful one. They can be used with one hand and have a push to start button plus zero exhaust emissions. The cord limits your movement and mobility and they don’t work well when there are a number of obstacles in the clearing area.  The power source should also be at least 100m for you to work. They are ideal for home use and for areas which are small in size. They have zero to low maintenance costs. They cost anything from $ 30-120$.

Cordless Electric

They are lightweight and easy to use. They work practically anywhere and you are unencumbered while using them. However, they are slightly less powerful. They come in rechargeable batteries which need to be charged before use. They run from 30 min to 1 hour before you need to recharge them. They are ideal for home use and for areas that are small to medium in size to prevent you from having to recharge between tasks. They cost 150 – 350$.

Handheld Gas Powered

These leaf blowers are handheld with gas powered motors. They are light in weight and powerful. They however are quite loud and using them is best done wearing protective ear wear. A high number of these models come with two stroke engines. They weigh an average of 10 pounds and it requires you to mix fuel and oil for them to work. Four stroke engines weigh more though. Can run all day as long as the tank is full. Cost 100-200$.

Having said that, below is a list of some of the best ones to look out for in 2018. We took the time to review each of the mentioned and took note of the major pros and cons of each. Kindly note that ours is not to market or promote any particular brand; we simply share our opinion based on what we experienced, and leave the decision making to you!


When choosing a leaf blower it is important to consider how much work you would like to get done, the size of the garden, yard or area you will work on, your budget and the level of convenience you hope to attain. Gas blowers are powerful, weigh more, can run all day; yet they are noisy, have high maintenance costs and they require mixing of fuel and oil to work. Cordless electric blowers are light, run on power from a battery and ideal for use within a 30min – 1-hour window before you need to recharge them. Corded electric blowers are just as powerful as gas blowers; however the cord hinders your mobility and should be used within 100m of a power outlet. Hopefully now, you will be able to make up your mind when you go out and shop for the best leaf blower.