2kReviews as an idea was born during an office rant about poor quality coffee machines. The feeling of being cheated of our money, thanks to the lack of proper, unbiased reviews, pushed us to get off our asses and bring proper information to those who need it to choose any product. We now cover everything, from the best hoverboards to electric shavers, from blow dryers to vacuum cleaners; stuff that you cannot just shrug away lightly when you find to be defective.

How 2kReviews Team Tests Products?

2kReviews has a whole system of reviewing the products we feature on our website. To make sure we are not influenced by any manufacturer or retailer, 2kReviews doesn’t buy the products from anywhere other than the shelves of everyday stores.

We don’t declare our intention to test and review the machines to anyone at any point, and after testing, we give away most of the equipment to charities.

Each member of our team takes turns testing each product on their own, and actively notes down any problem they face. A week after the purchase, when at least 3 people have tried out the product, they meet and discuss about their experiences and compile their opinions.

An expert is then consulted over the product, and after evaluating multiple such products, we come up with a detailed article that we can confidently say will be the only guide you need to get your money’s worth.

2kReviews doesn’t feature any product for monetary or other gain. We earn our revenue through Ad services we run on our website, and through Amazon’s Affiliate Programme.

What We Plan To Do With 2kReviews

Our motive is to be as (brutally) honest about products we talk about, so no reader is duped by a manufacturer who promises the world on a catalogue for $9.99.

The 2kReviews team

Benny Wilson

Writer by day, party beast at night, Benny is one of the founding members of 2kReviews. He has a healthy love for machines, and melts at the sight of animals.

Theo Collins

Theo is the other founding member on 2kReviews, and has a penchant for motivational speaking. His dream is to go own a giant LARP park and deliver a cosplay lecture.

Carla Thomas

Carla is the organiser of 2kReviews’ operations. She is known for her patience and authoritativeness, which she says is the only way to get work done in the office.

Urvashi Avantika

Urvashi is our star writer, reviewer and researcher. She loves metal and jazz music, and is constantly watching DIY videos.

Gavin Scott

Gavin is responsible for arranging the products for the team to review, packing them off later, and getting expert opinion on items being reviewed. His fashion sense is the envy of the team.

Kris Lee

Kris manages 2kReviews’ online presence on various platforms. She is also the person to go to when you want someone to talk to.

Eddy Harris

An expert in everything online, Ed manages our entire website. His skill at researching products is intimidating at times.

Where You Come In?

2kReviews is for you, the reader who’s probably looking to buy an electronic item but is confused with all the crazy variations in reviews. We welcome you to actively comment of our posts with your own experiences, suggest us electronic goods to review and tell us what you did and didn’t like on our website.